Lookout Mountain Honey Bees
Package Bees For Sale

Package Bees will be arriving
March 29/2014
(Weather Permitting)
Taking orders
Of packages 
              Italian Queens only $24ea.          
to start new hives use
 1/2lb. Brood Builder
Medicated Syrup Mix For Stress
(Makes 1 gal. Syrup)

For More Information Please Contact Us At:

David or Lynne Kelton
(256) 523-4767

We stock and ship most all honeybee equipment, Queens. Established Hives and more
We have all your beekeeping supplies .
Check back, we are adding new pages every week we stock all bee supplies from bee jackets hive tools and all hive equipment, suppers, bottom boards, brood boxes,foundation, frames, and much more
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